Above all, eco-responsibility

– both the past and the future

deserve it

Add one part authenticity, one part creativity and blend it in an alluring food culture. It will make you hungry for more

In Madeira island, we take a house’s yard – terreiro – very seriously. It’s where all the flowers, our pride and joy, are ostentatiously displayed; it’s where locals interact with neighbours and enjoy the little things in life; and it’s where kids play and end up absorbing the principles that will guide them all throughout life. Terreiro concept praises this strong bond-shaped heritage that Madeirans simply cannot escape from.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation and creative cuisine, we can’t but promote the reconciliation of the island’s ecosystem with a responsible yet trendy food concept that looks ahead. We respect sustainability with an eco-conscious focus. We serve casual dining with as much zero waste as possible. Tourists are treated like locals; locals are treated like family.

Chef’s Farm

Promoting local farmers, as much as a giving back to the community mentality.

Not so long ago, every little Madeira house had its own garden with a piece of land to grow sustainable, seasonal-oriented love out of vegetables, herbs and juicy fruits. At Terreiro, we couldn’t have it any other way. We will make sure that a considerable amount of what gets put on your table comes from the land, locally and freshly handpicked. Should we say, From the Island to Your Table, then? Intriguing food for thought we have going here.