Food Culture & Emotions

The perfect ingredients of an all-purpose culture

Madeira island’s is not just about meat-on-a-stick or the black sword fish with flambéed bananas that you might have come across countless times on food articles and menus of sorts. Nothing against it, not at all. Popular and traditional dishes are definitely an essential starting point. But, as one of the most genuine islands in the world, we have so much more to offer, gastronomy wise.


Join us at the table

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No one appreciates our roots more than us


The unpretentious but oh so flavourful meals, the extreme creativity in having to juggle not so noble ingredients, the imposed portion control. And yet, all the laughter, the ever-present family values and sense of identity always found a way to step up to the plate.

Elevating the simple in all its complexity – a thought through decision

At Terreiro, we are not ruled by labels – we don’t identify as gourmet but we don’t deny it either. We consciously live according to the land’s natural ways. Each mouthful of our satisfying portions is a walk down the Earth’s deliciousness lane.

You’ll find our kitchen open in show cooking mode, so please, join us in making this your backyard away from home. After all, the most delightful way to experience a place is by savouring its take on food and drinks. Terreiro is meant to savour, more than simply taste; it’s meant to toast, celebrate and, most of all – Terreiro is meant to share.



Creating emotions much beyond a need to eat or drink.