A plan for the future

of our past

Providing a long life to the island’s flavourful traditions
Legado is the awakening of consciousness’s in the form of a pedagogic and gastronomy testing project based on the purpose of researching the art, identity and cultural heritage of Madeira island’s authentic gastronomy.

The project aims to rediscover the local produce that once were such icons of our cuisine and that, with time, became undervalued, but never forgotten. Legado is the best evidence.

At Terreiro, we set the tone. But we could never make it without Nuno Nobre, gastronomy consultant and expert in the rehabilitation of authentic produce, not only in Portugal but also overseas.

Little things matter more than to preserve local production and farming/fishing communities or other areas that help honour the land and the sea that provide such unparalleled richness.

Legados da Madeira

We have brought upon Terreiro chef’s the goal to keep up the crafts and traditional procedures involving bread, fruits, vegetables, wine, seafood and fish, helping the local community apply the techniques in day to day life, maintaining the ancient wisdom and the island’s immaterial patrimony.

The fruits of this heartfelt project will be presented in a series of dinners – Legados da Madeira, created at Terreiro Restaurant. Each dinner will have its own main ingredient, served in every single dish of the menu and accompanied with other local produce.