Meet & greet a team that will only give you good gut-feelings

Head of Concept & Operations with serious cravings for bigger and better
Gonçalo – his name’s first couple letters say it all. He is one of, if not the biggest reason you are always well served when you visit us. Operations’ brain with the warmest of hearts, he sets the bar(s) high. And the restaurant, and everything that comes with it really. Everyone around here knows of his magnetism, fierceness and immense appetite for bigger meals, cocktails and events.
Alexandre, an Executive Chef you won’t find yourself fed up with
Madeira runs deep in our chef’s veins. As a real local, all the island’s smells, flavours and emotional memories help shape who he really is. His expertise is only waiting for you to sit with us. Once a pupil of genius Paul Bocuse, it has gradually become his turn to lead brilliant teams such as ours at Terreiro. Despite everyone’s different responsibilities and backgrounds, as Madeira natives, they all share the same identity – which turns everything as easy as a pie for Alexandre.
Here is our Assistant Manager & Mixologist, the drop that makes the glass overflow with spirit
Ok, so… repeat after us. Zózimo, Zó-zi-mo. Apologies if we can’t help you much with his name – it is odd even to us. Zoz was the last to join the Terreiro family, which comes with no surprise since he has naturally been the last of all his classes, alphabetically speaking. Half mixologist, half wizard, Ozzy has shaken and stirred Lisbon and Oporto before moving to London, Bristol and eventually Cheltenham, known as “Little London”. With such a charisma, if he didn’t already exist he had to be made-up. Listen, even his birthday falls on April’s Fool day! All in all, he makes cocktails, not war in the shape of a hashtag. And that’s pretty neat, if you ask us.