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The Legado project gets you hooked
on traditional Madeiran fishes.

Inspired by all the traditions and cultural legacies, our purpose is to shed new light on historical delicious fishes and other ocean food, such as squid, ray fish, conger, eel, mackerel, Blue Jack mackerel, skipjack, local crab, besides Madeiran seaweed.


Chef Carlos Gonçalves and his team, advised by the best experts, will bring you new approaches and cooking techniques to traditional fish. The dishes will be based on drying techniques, fermentation, charcuterie, sauces and other preservation methods in exciting surprising ways. Make sure you dive into this with us!


16.10 | 20:00 | 60€
Legado Dinner – Madeira Ocean

Includes: 7 gastronomical moments, wine pairing with wines aged at sea and comments from expert Nuno Nobre and chef Carlos Gonçalves

T: +351 291 213 000

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